Prompting board playing outside

Clients: Gemeente Enschede, Queenie Productions
Subject: The drawing of a prompting board with the subject ‘playing outside’.

This time a prompting board with the theme ‘playing outside’ for Learning Dutch with Pim. An illustration with a lot of depth where a lot happens. You can see recognizable games and situations in the schoolyard. I have drawn a lot of familiar faces you see in the previous prompting board about the classroom.

Prompting board of playing outside
The prompting board about ‘playing outside’.

For this illustration I first built the schoolyard in a 3D program. That way I could try out different viewpoints and make just the right composition. Because the square has so much depth, I was able to make a better estimate of the size of the children and the playground equipment.

Sketches overlaying the 3D concept and the eventual lineart version of the illustration.

For ‘Learning Dutch with Pim’ I’ve made several different prompting boards. Want to know more about Pim? Learn all about it here.

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