A pattern of change

Wow, months just flew by! I’ve been quite busy with all sorts of things. Some big, some small. And not all of them illustration related. One of those things involved moving to a new house. I’m still in
Enschede, it’s just a change of neighborhood. The house is relatively petite in size, but the kitchen is great! My workroom is a bit of a mess with boxes everywhere but I hope to change that soon.

Here’s a fun side project I did. I dove back into watercolour illustrating and painted these goldfish.

You can order these as a pattern for wrapping paper, fabric and even wallpaper at Motiflow

Goldfish pattern in watercolour


  1. Wow, you’ve been busy, for sure! How exciting that you’ve done more illustrations for Gwen. Your work for her always blows me away. That children’s project sounds awesome, too!

    And love the goldfish! They’re so beautifully colored. I’ve always enjoyed watercolor art and have been experimenting with that medium myself lately, albeit with water-soluble pencils.

    Best of luck with everything you’re still busy with!

    • Thank you so much Heather! The nice thing with watercolour is that they last so long. I think my watercolour paint box is about 16 years old, I did buy some new brushes. I haven’t experimented yet with water colour pencils, I’ve seen some amazing results though!

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