Hoi! Ik ben Sjusjun, ik maak heldere kleurrijke illustraties voor een divers publiek.
Wordcards preview

Learning Dutch with Pim

I think I could write five blog posts about this huge and awesome illustration project I’ve done for the city of Enschede. An educational project for which I’ve made more than 800…

Preview illustration Indigo Eady header

Indigo Eady website header

Gwen Gardner is one of my first clients. The world of her characters is extensive and detailed. It's awesome that she gives me the confidence to shape her world. This time she wanted me to create a website header for her.
Preview of classroom prompting board

Prompting board of classroom

For Praten met Pim/Learning Dutch with Pim I drew a prompting board with the theme 'classroom'. Both toddlers and preschoolers can be seen in the same picture. My client gave me a long list of words that had to be included in the illustration.

A pattern of change

Wow, months just flew by! I’ve been quite busy with all sorts of things. Some big, some small. And not all of them illustration related. One of those things involved moving to…

Preview of man calling to work to say he has a broken leg

SZW illustrations

For the Ministry of SZW (Social Affairs and Employment) a total of 5 animations were made. I was tasked to make the storyboards, the characters and the visual material. It's a project where I can't really talk about the content, but...

Rejected sketches

Most of my sketches hardly see the light of day. They have been crumpled up, stashed away in folders both real life and on my computer. Some of them I end up…

Preview illustration of teatime pattern

Tea pattern

I love tea and I drink an incredible amount of tea. Flavoured tea, black tea, green tea. Delicious at any time of the day. With that particular thought in mind, I made…

Illustration of man who is working a tablet during lunchbreak

Slideshow storyboard

For Saristos I've made several rough storyboards based on a script and then worked out the sketches in clean vector illustrations. The illustrations could then be clicked through during a presentation...
Preview illustration of a group of LGBTQ young people sitting together on a picknick table

COC in the classroom

For the COC Twente-Achterhoek, a poster has been designed that can be put up in the classroom after the presentation by the COC. After consultation, the idea emerged to make a poster that represents sexual orientation and gender identity in a fun and recognizable way...

Finish what you start

I started this illustration back in June and posted it on my facebook page. But it wasn’t finished yet. I had a lot of great commissions from both old and new clients,…